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Our experienced team of professionals provide a comprehensive range of residential surveying services.  Our commitment to providing accurate and reliable surveying services has earned us a reputation as a trusted provider in the industry.

  • Council Compliant Detail Survey

  • Boundary Definition Survey

  • Boundary Marking Survey

  • House Set Out Survey

  • Identification Survey

  • Final Occupation Survey

Land Development


Through the years, we have assembled highly skilled surveyors with experience in land development projects, which start from small land subdivisions to large scale community subdivisions, parklands, and associated civil surveying.

There are hundreds of land development companies, but only a few that can be hand-picked when it comes to land development survey projects. Our expert surveyors have experience with local councils, this assists to expedite the council processes. Licensed surveyors from our team provide expert advice and undertake subdivisions, boundaries, and all other cadastral services. Land Development Real Estate is just one of the great expertise our team has to offer, which will give you excellent results on your project.

Our land development survey services provide professional consulting services to a range of clients and typically advising them on council requirements and state planning legislation. We legally define dimensions of new and existing land, reserves, easements, and strata titles. Our team of land surveyors design and project manage sustainable urban and rural subdivisions for commercial and residential developments, in accordance with state and local government development principles, including water sensitive urban design, habitat preservation, and all other restrictions.

  • Subdivision

  • Strata

  • Planning / DA

  • Engineering Design

  • General Consulting



We provide initial site set up construction surveys to determine boundaries and benchmarks, as well as bulk earthwork surveys during demolition. During construction, we provide pre-pour and post-pour surveys for formwork and concrete floor slabs, and external surveys for concrete upstands and fuel tanks. Once construction is completed, we supply as-built surveys for DA certification and final surveys for construction certification. We are specialists in all aspects of building construction from shopping centres to high rise towers.

We have taken the time to master all engineering survey types such as geodetic survey and have also mastered all concrete and steel related services, at the same time providing custom resolutions to our clients. We also have photogrammetric survey experts that specialise in obtaining spatial information coming from photographic images. We have topographic land survey specialists, who can identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth, or slightly below or above the surface of the earth.

Our construction surveys determine distances, areas, and angles. We accurately establish reference points for both horizontal and vertical control. It is important that we set stakes or otherwise marking lines, grades, and principal points. We prepare large-scale topographic maps using plane table or transit-stadia date to provide information for drainage and site design. The precision of measurements from our surveyors is accurate for laying out structure, culverts, bridge lines and much more.


Tom M - AAPS - Dozer set up with Rory K.jpg

Stephen Thorne and Associates civil surveying team provide services for all land development, infrastructure, building, mining and marine projects.

The civil team are experts at not only providing setout on these projects, but also utilising technology solutions, data managements, calibrations and troubleshooting, to keep projects running and provide solutions to increase safety and efficiency.


General Civil Works

Our surveyors will manage projects from site establishment to final asbuilts, and signoff of a project. Providing: site establishment, boundary marking, setout, bench marks, volumes, pickups, QA checks, conformances, asbuilts and work with the site team to minimise delays and keep a project running.

Dimensional Control

Stephen Thorne and Associates surveyors are experienced in utilising different methodologies to provide high accuracy control for projects that have low tolerances. Using different equipment and methodology can provide the higher level accuracy, that a traditional civil site requires. This is often the case where whole or parts of a structure have to be prefabricated off site and need to fit within millimetres when they arrive.


We have extensive GPS experience, whether it is undertaking high accuracy static GPS control surveys, to using RTK for topographical surveys of stockpiles, or GPS machine control.


We have our own GPS hire fleet, which can be hired by companies for foreman and site teams to undertake their own basic setout and QA checks. This can provide huge time and cost savings with surveyors not being required for gross checks. As part of this service, TSS provide training for the site teams and build all the 3d models that are required for the works and provide technical and troubleshooting when problems arise. We also work with clients that have their own GPS unit, and provide the same level of support.


Machine Control

Our team also have extensive experience managing machine control systems, including, creating the models for the machines, establishing the control and providing any site calibrations required. Machine control is a huge advantage to clients, as it allows operators to work autonomously which provides an increase in productivity and safety.

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